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Imaging, Instrumentation and Informatics

Bioimage Informatics: ImageJ/FIJI, ImgLib, Microscopy: OpenPolScope,SPIM, Lightfield, ...
Mizar... Biological Microscopy, particularly using Polarized Light Microscopy Techniques

Mechanical Design and Fabrication

Recent Projects:

Custom Microscope adapters for
at MBL.
Fluorescence Polarization on DiSPIM Microscope 

3D Printed Agar Casting Molds for embryo manipulation

Design of Embryo Incubator and other apparatus for Cephalopod Operations at the Marine Biological Laboratory.

Grant B. Harris, Consulting Engineer

Scientific Informatics Analyst at the Marine Biological Laboratory for 15 years.
Software design and hardware interfacing for biological microscopy and optics.
Founder of software design and business process consulting firm, Workframe, for 15 years.
Experienced consultant, facilitator and mediator, focused on project planning and process improvement.
Mariner, blue water sailor, navigator, mechanic, rigger; technical support engineer on research ships.
Mechanical engineering degree from MIT.

Contact: GBH@Explorative.Engineering  508-524-1709

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